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Minimum wage in France – Loi Macron

Dear hauliers,

the law of Loi Macron on minimum wage and claims on other social benefits is valid in France from 1 July 2016 for road transport drivers employed by companies registered in the Slovak Republic.

You can solve everything on our website, without having to travel anywhere.

Minimum wage rate in France is currently € 9,88. 


The law has been in force since July 1, 2016. Although France is facing infringement proceedings at EU level, the law is valid immediately and without delay.

The new Macrona Decree 2016 – 418 of 7 April 2016 entered into force on 1 July 2016. See HERE

Do I need to deal with it? WHY?

Truck drivers must have the required documents and a copy of the contract of employment on their way to France. Otherwise, they are subject to fines of up to € 750 and other penalties. If you are interested in avoiding sanctions, please refer to


Please, contact us and we will inform you about the procedure. The result for you will be a French representative and a certificate for driver for the entrance.


LOI MACRON is valid for all transports to and from France of people and goods regardless the size of the vehicle. This law does not apply to sole traders and transit rides. Tourist tours are considered also as transit with closed doors.

At the beginning of the July should inspecting authority take into account, that all the measurements of firms cannot be done on time. Situation can change every day.

In order to be protected against sanctions, TRANSSERVICE will provide all the documents and offer the necessary services.

Road hauliers and road haulage operators carrying out freight from or to France or carrying out cabotage operations in France must comply with the new legislation on foreign drivers and must appoint their representative in France.

Driver carrying out transport to / from France, including cabotage, is entitled to a French minimum wage of € 9.88 / hour. The driver is entitled not only to the French minimum wage, but also to other social rules relating to working time and rest, overtime work, occupational health and gender equality.

The certificate must include:

  1. business name, e-mail and postal address, employer’s telephone number, legal form of the company, name and surname, date and place of birth of the responsible transport representative and the relevant social security report paid by the employer for social contributions
  2. name and surname of the employee, date and place of birth, address, nationality, date of signature of the employment contract and the applicable labor law; gross hourly wage converted into EUR and details of travel and subsistence allowances for posted staff
  3. name and surname or the name, electronic and postal address of the appointed representative in France, the representative must be appointed for at least 18 months after the termination of his employment in France
  4. reference to the company’s registration in the electronic register of road transport operators ERRU.

What has to be in a vehicle

Certificate is issued in 2 originals. One has a representative of a haulier in France, or a French employer of a driver, and the another one has an employer – driver. Except that, another copies of certificate must be on the board in case of inspections. Lastly, employment contract and if possible, collective agreement translated in French.


The penalty is up to € 2,000 per employee and up to € 4,000 per year in case of a repeat offense. The total penalty is up to 500,000 €

TRANSSERVICE offers the most comprehensive solution:

Our service includes:

  • Providing a certificate for drivers with each type of contract.
  • Online document management during validity of driver’s certificate for the required 18 months.
  • Provide all necessary documents in case of an inspection or if the French authorities request other information.

TRANSSERVICE will closely monitor all available information on a daily basis and will inform immediately about all changes.

For more information, please contact us at the following phone numbers:

Telephone: +421 (0) 31 784 2352

Mobile: +421 (0) 902 624 876 or +421 (0) 918 426 863

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