VAT refundation

What is VAT refund

Get your money back by refunding VAT from abroad.
Despite the complicated tax laws
we will secure the entire process in 5 simple steps:

VAT refund process

Contract signature and authorisation
Delivery and check of documents
Documents signature
Elaboration and submission of the request
Disburse of refunded tax

History of VAT refund

The process of claiming and refunding of VAT from another member state has been working in the world for decades. The accession of Slovakia to the EU has also increased the number of countries offering entrepreneurs the option of refunding VAT.

How to refund VAT

Give us your documents and we will spare you the whole bureaucracy. Our team will check your invoices, process necessary documents, submit them to the relevant tax offices, and arrange everything else for you.

Instant VAT refund

Quick refunds from some countries are already delivered within a few days after submitting an application. Immediate VAT refunds can be requested from invoices or receipts paid in cash or by card.

Communication with the authorities

Communication with a foreign tax authorities is mostly in the official language of that country. The tax office of the applicant for VAT refund has a 15-day deadline for sending the application to the foreign tax office.

Who can ask for VAT refund

All businesses that are registered as a VAT payer in their country and who refuel, pay toll fees and use other services abroad are entitled to a VAT refund from abroad.


We apply the no cure no pay principle, i.e. we only claim reward for our services in the form of a commission if there is a successful refund of VAT from abroad and disburse it only after return form abroad.

Excise duty

Refund of excise tax is provided from countries: Belgium, France, Italy and Slovenia.

Why to refund VAT

In the current economic situation, it is necessary to look for ways to reduce costs and increase competitiveness. The VAT Return Service is one of these options. Ask for what is yours.

Why to refund via us

Our professionally trained team will offer you the best commission for the VAT refund facility and, thanks to our advanced application processing system, we will arrange as quickly as possible.

VAT refund period

We submit a request for VAT refund quarterly or annually. Refund VAT 2017 with us! The deadline for submitting the last application is 31.08.2018. Hurry up to get your money!

Minimal VAT amounts

The amount of submitted VAT refund request cannot be less than € 400 per quarter and € 50 per year or its equivalent in national currency. If the application does not meet all the conditions, the application will not be sent to the relevant tax office.

The deadline for accepting applications

After receipt of the application, a foreign tax authority has a 4-month period for its administration. During this period, they will check the application and issue a valid decision on acceptance or dismissal.

Countries from which VAT can be refunded


Get ONLINE information about VAT refund from abroad

Company name

Company residence

Contact person responsible for VAT

E-mail of contact person

Telephone number of contact person

Countries from which you want to refund VAT

What documents would you like to use for VAT refund?
Example: cash receipts or invoices

Which year do you want to refund?

Number of vehicles (car park)

Type of vehicles
Example: max 3,5t, 7,5 or 12t (truck)

Example: Your main activity. The transport company carrying out international transport SK NACE CODE marking is 4941

Subject of VAT claim
Example: fuel, toll, accessories, accommodation


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