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Official environmental badge Crit’Air in France

27 July 2016 an ecological badge called Crit’Air was introduced in France.

According to Regulation No. 2017-782 entered into force new penalties for the absence of a Crit’Air badge in areas where it is required or in defined areas at the time of the smog situation.

The same fines will also be imposed if traffic restrictions (alternate routes, speed limits, …) are in place with regard to the smog situation.

  • Fines of third class for light trucks € 68
  • Fourth class fines for trucks €135

Sanctions will begin on 1 July 2017

Badges can be secured via TRANSSERVICE, s.r.o. by sending an order. To order a Crit’Air badge, it is necessary to provide a vehicle registration document.

Bagde is divided into six categories and colors, according to year of registration, energy intensity and amount of vehicle emissions. This achieves a medium and long-term reduction in emissions and air pollutants, the promotion of new and energy-efficient vehicles and the gradual elimination of old air polluting vehicle out of service.

Throughout the Crit’Air ecological badge, emissions of nitrogen oxide and dust particles should be reduced. The division of trucks, buses, passenger cars and other vehicles into the Crit’Air categories is provided in the so- Décret Crit’Air 2016-858 of 29 June 2016.

The obligation to have Crit’Air badge placed on the vehicle to enter the ecological zone in Paris was introduced on 1 July 2016. On 01/11/2016 followed Grenoble and Lyon was added on 12/12/2016. The other French cities of Lille, Strasbourg and Toulouseare also obliged to have an ecological badge.

Cars without this badge are allowed to drive in Paris only on weekends and on business days from 8 pm to 8 am.

In Paris, the transition period was until 14 January 2017, during which no penalties would be imposed on cars that enter the ecological zone without a Crit’Air badge.

From 15 January 2017, a fine of € 68-375 will be imposed.


BADGES can be ordered by e-mail or by phone via TRANSSERVICE, s.r.o.

When ordering, please also send copies of vehicle registration documents.

For more information, please contact us at the following phone numbers:

Tel: +421 (0) 31 784 2352

Mobile: +421 (0) 902 624 876 or +421 (0) 918 426 863


Vehicles that cannot get a Crit’Air badge:

Older vehicles generally cannot get a Crit’Air badge. For this reason, it is not possible to order a Crit’Air badge for the following vehicle types with the following registration data:

  • order not possible for passenger cars registered before 01/01/1997
  • no order for utility vehicles <3.5t registered before 01/10/1997
  • no order for motor vehicles with two, three and four wheels registered before 01/06/2000
  • order is not possible for trucks and buses registered before 01/10/2001

If we receive an order containing inaccurate or incomplete information, the Crit’Air will not be delivered and the funds will not be refunded.