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Minimum wage in Austria

Dear hauliers,

since 1 January 2017, Austria has implemented inspections regarding minimal wage.

From this date, employers will be required to electronically report the temporary transfer of workers or groups of workers to work in Austria, before crossing the border.

Ignoring this report is fined (fines up to € 10,000).

Companies that have their registered office in an EU Member State or the EEA or Switzerland must report:

  • posting or recruitment
  • prior to beginning of work (when transmitting or mediating mobile workers in the transport sector before coming to Austria)
  • through an electronic form


  1. When is the posting of workers to Austria under reporting duty?


  • the employer has a residence in EU member state or in EEC or in Switzerland,
  • the employer posts workers for work to Austria.

In these cases, the employer is obliged to report it.

  1. When does the mediation in Austria occur with a reporting duty?

When the company mediates its workforce from abroad to Austria to another comapny in Austria for fullfillment of job tasks.

  1. Which documents do foreign employers need to have ?

Drivers should keep with them:

  • Copy of the posting message – the system automatically generates the transaction number that is the proof of data transmission. You need to print and save this file.
  • any additional staff reports
  • extension of posting
  • reports about changes
  • Documents relating to social security A1 / E101, social security document A1 or exceptionally equivalent documents in German (drivers need to have these documents in the vehicle)

Breaches of the obligation to keep a social security document are subject to legal sanctions (fines of up to € 10,000).

  • Wage documents which clearly show, how much the driver earns when working in Austria: employment contract, payroll sheet, document about disbursment of salory or documents about the transfer of the salary, payroll records, job records – of each posted employee.

All wage documents must be prepared in German, with the exception of a contract of employment which must be submitted in German or in English.

4. What is the minimum wage in Austria?

Currently, the minimum wage rate in Austria is € 8,72.


For more information, please contact us at the following phone numbers:

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