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All-inclusive product offer for toll payment for hauliers in Europe

Dear hauliers,

We would like to introduce you our new products, which we started to offer. Transservice offers you access to the following services thanks to Tracky Service Company:

Motorways and tunnels for discounted prices:

  • TIS-Pl / Via-T / Viaverde (FR / ES / PT)
  • Viacard a Telepass device (IT),
  • DARS (Slovenia),
  • Fréjus-Mt Blanc.

Tracky Service company offers its members the maximum discount percentage according to maximum discounts offered by the company.

Motorways and tolls without discounts:

  • Toll Collect/Go-Box (Toll2Go) device/card
  • TCPP (Switzerland)
  • Fuel cards

Toll services: With the EU Telepass on board, it is possible to pay motorway tolls across France (10 different operators), Spain, Portugal, Liefkenshoek tunnel in Belgium and, most recently, Italy. Only certain bridges in France are excluded from the sections where this can be done.

ITALY: VIACARD and TELEPASS facilitate paying of Italian toll fees. Tracky Service company offers you the maximal allowed discount.

FRANCE: For the payment of toll for vehicles over 3.5 t in France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Liefkenshoek tunnel in Belgium and also in Poland (part of motorway A4) is from April 2016 used electronic on-board unit called Telepass EU.

SPAIN: Telepass EU device is compatible with VIA-T network, which enables its users to use services of electronic toll payment in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy.

PORTUGAL: According to the agreement between Spain and Portugal can owners of Telepas EU pay toll on more than 1 700 km of Portugal motorways run by 7 different operators, as well as motorways in Spain, France and Italy.


BELGIUM/SATTELIC: SATELLIC is satellite device, which records travel route and calculate toll. New toll system applies to all roads in the following regions: Flanders and Brussel, where it charges per kilometre and in Wallonia, where it charges per kilometre subjected to VAT.

AUSTRIA AND POLAND/TELEPASS EUROPE:  For the payment of toll fees is inevitable that the Go Box service is paid. You easily pick up GO device from one of the centres in Austria. With the help of Go Box service you can pay postponed payments for already done routes and gain considerable discounts in toll. The discount rate applies to Euro 4 and higher category vehicles.

TOLL IN GERMANY/TOLL COLLECT:Just ask for a TOLL-COLLECT card, which is necessary to pay for road usage in Germany. Billing for thoroughfare is on the last day of each month, due by the end of the following month.

TOLL IN SLOVENIA AND TTPCP SWITZERLAND:TRACKY CARD can be used to pay Slovenian tolls on all types of vehicles directly in the toll booth without the use of cash or using the same prepaid card. Upon request and addition of an ABC SYSTEM electronic device issued in ZERO mode, it allows you to get discounts up to 45% on the motorway toll.


Frejus Tunnel and Mont Blanc cards are issued free of charge for a specific vehicle identification number and can be used to travel through the Frejus and Mont Blanc tunnels with a comfortable deferred toll payment and a significant discount over standard rates.

European telepass can be used to travel through the Liefkenshoek tunnel in Belgium. It can also be used to pay for motorway tolls in Italy, France, Spain and Portugal. 


Our partner FAI Service works with high-speed rail partners who offer all the benefits of intermodal transport and discounts offered by individual operators:

  • deferred toll payment, free of charge for reservation;
  • refunds at the end of the year, if appropriate;
  • direct booking management.

Many hauliers choose the benefits of a combination of road and rail transport, due to:

  • fuel saving and vehicle wear;
  • Swiss crossing without passing through customs offices or paying HVF;
  • achieving greater autonomy in relation to the hours behind the wheel;
  • allowing drivers to rest while traveling in sleeping cars;
  • avoid the risk of traffic penalties;
  • transport of larger tonnage, if allowed;
  • reduction of CO2 emissions and pollution.

Possibility to track used toll in real time.

  • The TrackyCard card is accepted at over 1,000 filling stations, including Avia, Petromiralles and its own network in Italy.
  • The motorway between Italy and Switzerland, Austria or Germany.
  • Secure parking, washing, repairs.

Simple and monthly billing for each country with up to 60 days of payment and VAT refund via TRANSSERVICE, s.r.o.

To get a specific offer, please contact our TRANSSERVICE, s.r.o. with the residence in Sládkovičovo at the below mentioned telephone numbers, or via e-mail.




Telephone: +421 (0) 31 784 2352

Mobile: +421 (0) 902 624 876 or +421 (0) 918 426 863

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