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Environmental badges in Germany

01/03/2007 was introduced an ecological badge called Umweltplakette/Feinstaubplakette. It is mandatory for all trucks and buses regardless of fuel type and maximum permitted speed.

The ecological badge of particulate matter is divided into EURO classes in 3 different colors. The badge contains vehicle licence plate number and a registration stampindicating who issued a badge.

Badges are granted on the basis of the date of first registration of the vehicle and after check of the vehicle’s registration document.

The ecological badge is registered on vehicle license number. Its validity is unlimited and needs to be renewed only if the vehicle license number is changed or in case of damage to the windscreen and thus of the badge.

The beginning and end of the zone is marked with the UMWELTZONE tag.

Badge validity is not limited by time and applies throughout Germany.

See the list of ecological zones HERE.

BADGES can be ordered by e-mail or by phone via TRANSSERVICE, s.r.o.

When ordering, please also send copies of vehicle registration document.

For more information, please contact us at the following phone numbers:

Tel: +421 (0) 31 784 2352

Mobile: +421 (0) 902 624 876 or +421 (0) 918 426 863