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Environmental badge “EcoSticker” in Denmark

01/11/2011 were introduced environmental badges, so-called EcoSticker in Denmark, which are mandatory for trucks and buses with diesel motors and with total weight over 3.5 t (up to 3.5 t according to the date of first registration of the vehicle).

The EcoSticker badge is recognizable by the green color and must be secured separately for each vehicle. The badge contains an indication of the country in which the vehicle is registered and the official vehicle identification number.

Badge “Low Emission Zone” is non-transferable and cannot be used for several vehicles at the same time. Each vehicle must have its own EcoSticker badge.

The badge has an unlimited validity corresponding to the validity of the vehicle license plate.

EcoSticker is delivered to the vehicles that correspond to the norm EURO 4 or EURO 3, if it shows that it is equipped with a diesel particulate filter. Vehicles of the norm EURO 3 can additionally install a diesel particulate filter to receive the green EcoSticker badge as EURO 4 vehicles.

Vehicles that do not obtain the EcoSticker can apply for an exemption, which can be awarded in the form of a red EcoSticker badge.

Light vehicles, passenger cars and all gasoline-powered vehicles do not yet need EcoSticker badge and can enter Danish ecological zones without restrictions.

Vehicles that are required to have the EcoSticker badge and do not show ownership of the EcoSticker badge have to count up on high fines and imprisonment.

Diesel vehicles and buses with a gross weight exceeding 3,5 tonnes must have visible environemntal zone labels at the entrance to the ecological zones. This applies to vehicles registered in Denmark and now also for vehicles registered abroad.

In ecological zones, diesel-engined vehicles and buses with a total weight exceeding 3.5 tonnes must comply with particularly stringent emission requirements or be equipped with a diesel particulate filter. The filter removes up to 80% of dangerous substances from the exhaust of large vehicles. Particles of all sizes are captured by the filter, even very fine particles that are believed to be particularly dangerous to health.


  1. Do entry restrictions apply to Danish ecological zones also for foreign vehicles without EcoSticker badges?

Yes. Road signs indicating entry into the environmental zone are common and valid traffic signs and apply to aliens and their vehicles.

  1. How do I find out that I’m going to the ecological zone?

The ecological zone is labeled according to the general road marking rules on all accessible paths to the zone.

  1. Are there some vehicles exempted from the environmental zone?

Vehicles registered as ‘veteran’ and military, police and rescue services are exempted from the requirements of the environmental zones, provided they normally do not drive in the ecological zone.

  1. Can I apply for permission to drive to environmental zones?

You can apply for an exemption in order to get to the Danish environmental zones to the Danish Environmental Protection Agency.

  1. What sanctions are imposed for driving into ecological zones without the label “EcoSticker”?

Under the Danish Environmental Protection Act, the police are obliged to verify whether vehicles are driving into ecological zones without the label “EcoSticker”. The haulier gets a fine.

  1. What is a transit route?

The brown line on the Copenhagen map is a transit route for trucks and other heavy traffic to and from the ferries in Nordhavnen, Copenhagen. Transit traffic is led to and out of the ecological zone via a special route to Tuborgvej. This means that vehicles do not have EcoSticker badge on the windscreen when they are in international transit.

  1. Do I need a green zone label if I drive through Denmark or on motorways?

Not. In the future, you will also be able to enter Denmark without the “EcoSticker” badge and drive freely. However, you cannot drive to selected ecological zones.

  1. As an entrepreneur, can I order several stickers and pay for them without a credit card?

Yes, you can order several stickers at the same time. Payment can be made in advance by bank transfer.

  1. Where do I place a badge and when does it expire?

Place a new environmental badge on the left lower inside of the windscreen. In case you do not change the vehicle registration number, the sticker will be valid for the entire life of the vehicle.

  1. What is the delivery time?

This depends on the time of delivery from Denmark to the place of delivery. Count up to 7 days after we receive your order. The documents on your car must be legible and must contain all relevant information.

  1. In which areas is an ecological badge needed?

The Danish Ministry of the Environment has created environmental zones in the local authorities of Copenhagen, Frederiksberg, Aalborg, Aarhus and Odense. Look at the geographical for which the scheme of ecological zone applies.

Environmental zone Aalborg – Denmark

Area/extension of the environmental zone: This environmental zone basically concerns the center of Aalborg. The borders of the environmental zone located in the center of Aalborg goe from the east of highway E45 along the Ostre Alle, until the latter goes into the Kong Christians Alle and the Dannebrogsgade, to then continue until their ends at the Limfjord. The northern side of the environmental zone is composed by the Limfjord. However, Vestebro Street in Aalborg is designated as a transit route and is liberated from the obligation of the EcoSticker.

Environmental zone Aarhus – Denmark

Area/extension of the environmental zone: This environmental zone is located in the Aarhus valley of the Kattegat, which lies at the east of the city and the environmental zone. The environmental zone is thus essentially defined by the Ring Street 1 from the south, west and north. Traffic toward Denmark’s largest container terminal through the national road 1 is free from the obligation of a badge.

Environmental zone Copenhagen – Denmark

Area/extension of the environmental zone: This environmental zone basically concerns the center of Copenhagen and the municipality of Frederiksberg. In order to not hinder commercial traffic from and toward Copenhagen, a transit route from Nordhaven crosses the environmental zone. This route is free from the obligation of the EcoSticker (badge).

Environmental zone Odense – Denmark

Area/extension of the environmental zone: The geographical borders of the environmental zone of Odense are situated inside the Ring Street 2 (Ring 2) of the city of Odense. It is important to take into account that the obligation to drive with a badge also applies in the swing bridge Odins Bro, which crosses the canal.


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